Enterprise Resource Planning

In any business, remaining fully aware of significant events is critical in a price-driven market. More and more, companies must react quickly to issues affecting their success and plan for their future through recognising patterns that affect them.

Fashion Management Systems has Enterprise Resource Planning at its core and uses multi-module application software to ensure that businesses achieve high levels of customer service, maximising their operational efficiency, benefiting from real-time visibility of the business at all levels.


Analysis & Planning
Product Management
Resource Requirement
Business Processing
Apparel Retail System™
CRM System

Analysis & Planning

Fashion Management Systems allows performance to be measured at any given level in order to identify business trends through analysis of data. Early control via range planning and effective control of sampling means that the ranges made available stay in shape as a season or selling period progresses.

An integrated and state-of-the-art CRM package will allow customer facing objectives to be better defined with sales staff armed with performance statistics before any sales visit.

Facilities available include :
  • Range Planning
  • Sampling
  • Supplier Performance
  • Stock & Sales Analysis
  • Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

Product management

The System enables Style details to be recorded effectively and efficiently in the database with a matrix approach designed specifically to handle; Style, color and size (fit) as appropriate.

Accurate product costing also extends to Samples and cost details can be recorded at a level appropriate to product and source.

  • Costing
  • Style Management
  • Product Group
  • Cartons
  • Retail Units
  • Colour
  • Size
  • Fit
  • Brand Materials
  • Brand, Theme, Season

Resource Requirement

  • Materials Planning
  • Documentation
  • Product Group

Business Processing

Sales Order Processing -

Efficient processing and management of sales orders is vital to customer relations and business growth. The Sales Orders module offers a single, fast and accurate system, covering every conceivable aspect of the ordering process.

  • Forward Delivery Orders
  • Stock Orders
  • Back Orders
  • Pro-Form
  • Cash and Carry


Effective procurement is a key part of any import or manufacturing business and the System offers comprehensive facilities in pre-production monitoring through to shipping.

Windows based applications enable; text, data and graphics to be combined to produce the definitive purchase contract. The Critical Path System is a flexible means of establishing and monitoring multiple tracking points in the supply process.

System utilises management tools to ensure activities are met in acceptable time frames according to workflow. Critical path details are used to schedule an item into production and beyond as necessary.

  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Pre-Production Critical Path
  • Shipping and Consignment Tracking


Facilitates the delivery of products to a customer's preferred location, with efficient management of packing, invoicing and currency requirements.

  • Direct Shipments
  • GRN
  • Comprehensive Stock Management
  • Automatic Allocation
  • Despatch
  • Invoicing


Financial Modules

Fully integrated, Fashion Management Systems financial Modules are developed in-house using the same development tools, for an identical look & feel as the rest of the system.

Thanks to its integration between Sales Ordering and the Sales Ledger, real-time credit control and numerous conditions for controlling account status and goods release are available. The financial modules support Multi-Currency &amo; Multi-Company operation and (subject to user security clearance and License) allow multiple open periods.

  • Sales Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Nominal ledger
  • Purchase Ledger

Management Reporting

Fashion Management Systems offers a vast range of reports and enquiries which enable managers to control and supervise key areas such as: - sales, costs and customer service. Our overview provides more details

Apparel Retail Systems™

General Overview - The system is designed for retail groups with a number of outlets and a Management structure which requires effective reporting.

Many retail systems are designed for very large retail enterprises where the sophistication of reporting reflects the scale of the business and there is a high degree of resource require at the central warehouse or warehouses to make the systems operate.

Our systems are being developed on a continual basis so as to enable retailers to gain access to affordable technology that they can use themselves without the need for experienced Data Processing staff.

Where possible we are putting the emphasis on as much work that can be done at the retail outlet being done at the retail outlet. This is normally where there is capacity to label products and handle stock transfers, stock takes and other functions providing instructions are clear enough and the software for use at the shops is simple and "fool proof" enough.

OBJECTIVES - The main objectives of Apparel Retail Systems are to provide for the following :
  • To enable stock to be moved from where it is not selling to where it can best be sold.
  • To provide a simple yet accurate and effective system. This removes as much scope for error from the sales assistants, so that they can concentrate on Customer Service.
  • To automate as much of the stock allocation and transfer process as possible yet retaining flexibility to manually override.
  • To avoid "mountains" of paper that some systems have to generate in the form of reports. The use of screen enquiries where possible is adopted.
  • To provide accurate information to enable products that is selling to be purchased and not those that are not selling.
  • To ensure that at the end of each day there are totals for the days "takings" that can be checked by Management and not at the shop and compared in detail with what has been sold.
  • To be able to look at sales not just in terms of units and value sold but to look at profitability by Product and Product Group also. Reporting normally will show:- daily, weekly, weekly rolling average, monthly (monthly rolling average), season and annual sales in terms of Units, Sales Value, Cost and Profit
  • The System handles general products and products that are in colours and sizes.
  • Overall profitability information by outlet and performance data for each area of the business e.g. Stock Turnover, Product group analysis etc.

Areas Covered By Fashion Management Systems
  • Stock Control
  • Sales Analysis by Outlet
  • Purchase Ordering and Control
  • In Shop Activities
  • Management Reporting
  • Accounting

CRM System

CRM-S is a Customer Relationship Management Solution that has been designed with simplicity at its core.

Based on our experience of a large number of widely available CRM systems that are generally difficult to configure, over complicated to use and require costly but vital training, CRM-S is easy to use and quick to deploy, offering all the benefits you would expect from a CRM system and more.

CRM-S is designed to empower you and your staff to manage relationships with prospects and customers from initial phone call through to confirmed sale and beyond. It is completely adaptable but unlike most CRM systems, it is designed to be customised on a low cost basis avoiding the kind of complicated user interface you will be familiar with if you use a CRM system already!